You have the fairy dust!
— Denise, Scotland
Following our coaching yesterday I have woken with an energy that has not been with me for a long time. Amazing feeling of clarity. Thank you.
— Jay, England
Jacqui’s session on the psychological contract helped me really dig into what is helping and hindering my staff from bringing their best to work. It really hit the spot.
— Rachel, England

You value credentials? Me too. And you probably won't be surprised to know that, as a recovering over-achiever and perfectionist, I've gathered a lot of certificates over the years! I love learning so it's no wonder I ended up in the learning and development field, then psychology, then training as a coach. Here's how I'm qualified to help you with change and transformation:

I'm a certified professional coach, trained by the Coaches Training Institute, and a Certified Daring Way Facilitator. I have a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Occupational Psychology, am authorised to use psychometric tests, am an NLP Practitioner, and trained in Facilitation skills by Brathay at Windermere, with a CIPD qualification in training practice. 

My Psychology degree research focussed on the customer/consumer experience and my Occ Psych on strengths, gratitude and courage. 

As individual humans - when we give ourselves permission to live the life we want to liveovercome self-doubt and insecurities, start paying attention to what feels good and what doesn't and start accessing our inner wisdom and the courage to act on it, we make our world a better place - and lift those around us who will feel the difference.

As coaches, when we show up like this, we create a powerful, open space with our clients, underpinned by deep trust and partnership. These are the conditions necessary for psychological safety, impact and long-lasting change.

As employees or as managers, we can know that when people are supported to show up like this in the workplace, they are more satisfied, have higher commitment, perform better and stay longer because as humans we tend to want to enjoy our work, belong where we feel valued, and contribute.

As leaders, we have more impact where we give ourselves permission to bring warmth, authenticity and Sometimes-Not-Knowing to the people we serve. There is power in learning to deal with the discomfort that comes with uncertainty and risk in our leadership - no more avoiding it altogether because we don't know how.

The current projects I am working on include coaching around the customer experience, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and lifestyle assessment in the private sector with Experience Insight (we use heart rate variability measurement which shows the body's physiology of fight/flight or rest/repair), and as part of a team helping local communities transform their social care and health systems by having better conversations about things that really matter to them, as part of whole-system transformation. Takes my breath away to think about the potential ripples of better-ways-of-being that can happen when people believe in themselves and their creative potential and ability to transform things for the better. Everything is evolving, all of the time!

I believe we find some of our greatest meaning and purpose through our work, and cultivating an engaged, energised and activated workforce is essential if an organisation is to be soulful and thrive. Despite decades of trying to separate who we are at home and at work, or in trying to keep feelings out of the workplace, emotion drives behaviour, and that's why developing emotional intelligence is at the heart of my work with people.

Whilst I like a lot of fun, I'm super-serious about integrity, and I'm a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) which means I am guided by their Code of Ethics


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