Hello lovely! I'm Jacqui.


I coach people who are waking up to another way of being, another way of living.

It took me a l-o-n-g time to realise there was a powerful, wise, creative force inside me who was bursting with aliveness and energy and who felt really good when I let her take charge.

She taught me to FEEL my way through saying yes and when to say no.

To heap appreciation on the shadow-y parts of myself I had tried to keep hidden and secret so that I can be whole, and gloriously and imperfectly expressed.

Magnificent, AND humble.

As good as, not greater or lesser than.

The parts of me I judged as 'wrong' as well as the things that happened to my younger self where I learned that any power in a situation was someone else's, and not mine.

I'm a work in progress, but am more ME than I've ever, ever been. I heard the call to transform, to evolve, and I answered.

A childhood imagination filled with fantasies of good witches, and wizards and ruby slippers and stars and planets and Alice going down the rabbit hole - this a place I've learned serves me well as a 'grown up' - I'm definitely claiming more of my magic and genius (you have it too) and letting that guide my world in a more soulful way.

Like all of us, I've had my share of pain, loss, disappointment, failure. My 'awakening' came through a series of ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage, failed IVF and coming to terms with not being a mother, losing my own mother, all painful, but over time they broke me open, instead of breaking me down.

Being a creative force and owning my power to create, believing that what I'm here to create (not what my ego thought I wanted to create) and believing that it wants to be brought into form, this is my current experiment and play!


I was acknowledged by a workshop participant recently that it was the 'totality' of me in my work that she was so moved by.

Yes. That's how I want to feel, that's how I want to show up in my life and with my clients.

Willing to fail, willing to be 'all in'.

Courage AND alignment. Support AND provocation. Acceptance AND evolution. Connection AND boundaries. Always Love.

Image by Cory Bouthillette at unsplash.com

Image by Cory Bouthillette at unsplash.com

I'm inspired by the human condition - our tenderness, our ability to create wonderful things that help our fellow humans and planet. Touched by our inability to see our beauty, to believe in our worth.

I see the thing that happens in a person's face when they TELL THEIR STORY, all of it, and are seen and met in that place, with humanity, with sharing, with empathy.

They look younger, lighter, freer, all in a moment. I can see the shift that is occurring when they let go of that old way of being. 

I will be intense, and kind.

I'll go deep with you, excavating the dark places and secrets that are holding you back from feeling the totality of your life force.  Together, we will be like beagle-nosed detectives, sniffing out what is in the way of a more fulfilling life for you!

I will hold what matters most to you, with deep reverence (and sometimes a playful irreverence for the story you have been telling).  We will find your shadow-y parts and we will hold a party for them and understand them, and we'll invite them back into the wholeness that is the brilliant, divine creation that you are.

It's going to be so awesome. And definitely messy. But mostly awesome.

Image by Juskteez Vu at Unsplash

Image by Juskteez Vu at Unsplash

Together we will look for, and give voice and form to, your genius, your muse, your wisdom, your purpose.

I am guided by science, and the art and craft of coaching. Also inspired by the possibilities in magic, mystery and astrology. 

My role is as guide, coach, cheerleader. Fellow creative force, possibility-believer, tuning fork. 

There are no guarantees about our work together, but I 100% believe that you will know what to create, what is calling you to bring it into form. You, my lovely, are in the driving seat in your life.  You'll be in charge of setting the direction and leading. I'll be holding the torch and right beside you!

As my good friend the Good Witch Glinda might say:
'you always had the power'.

The way I’ve been listened to in the last hour - no one has ever, ever heard me that way before.
— Ali, England
You have the fairy dust!
— Denise, Scotland
Following our coaching yesterday I have woken with an energy that has not been with me for a long time. Amazing feeling of clarity. Thank you.
— Jay, England
Knowing that my life for the next year was going to involve major changes in my career and life environment including moving homes after nearly ten years, I chose coaching with Jacqui in order to have space for reflection and for my inner connection. I was feeling overwhelmed by the topics that were going on and by the day to day reactivity. Jacqui provided a sacred and safe place where all my feelings and thoughts were met with acceptance. Her way of coaching helped me to grow new perspectives and insights based on my values and my wisdom. She helped me put words and descriptions to experiences that seemed to be abstract to me initially. Our sessions helped me to connect to and live out of my inner guidance, depth and beauty. I learned to accept and embrace my shadows and see them as valuable messengers in order to lead my life in the most intuitive way. Jacqui is a treasure to work with. I can’t recommend her enough.
— C, England
I think at times the Coaching was uncomfortable and painful. But Jacqui allowed me to go through this without feeling guilty or embarrassed. She allowed me the time that I needed. I know I needed to experience this in order for me to move on and become the “better person” I wanted to become.

At other times, it was fun and uplifting. Jacqui was always so Positive, and she looked at life and the World in remarkable ways. And if even just a little tiny bit of this rubbed off onto me, I would be a much better person for it.

I think the biggest impact the Coaching had on me, was the recognition and respect, that we all have different values and beliefs, and that I shouldn`t take things personally. I also realised that I no longer wanted to be a part of the “office politics”. I had taken the “four agreements” into my I mindset fully. I had also started to have success in my diet and fitness and maintaining my focus even when under considerable stress.
— Liz, England

The 'formal bit'

You value credentials? Me too. And you probably won't be surprised to know that, as a recovering over-achiever and perfectionist, I've gathered a lot of certificates over the years! I love learning so it's no wonder I ended up in the learning and development field, then psychology, then training as a coach. Here's how I'm qualified to help you with change and transformation:

  • Professional Certified Coach - ICF (2017)
  • Certified Daring Way Facilitator - The Daring Way (2015)
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) - Coaches Training Institute (2014)
  • MSc Occupational Psychology (2012)
  • BSc Psychology (2006)
  • Facilitation Skills, Level A and B psychometric testing, CIPD Training Practice certificate, Emotional Intelligence coach

My Psychology degree research focussed on the customer/consumer experience and my Occ Psych on strengths, gratitude and courage. 


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