"When someone is walking beside, us, we have more courage to walk into the unknown and to risk the dark and messy places in our journey".

Karen Kimsey-House, co-founder of Co-Active Coaching

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I believe in the power of your coaching work in the world. I don't think you would have been 'called' unless you were supposed to be doing this work. 

 I work with coaches in core curriculum and entering certification to build shame resilience and connect more easily and authentically with their clients and in certification.  Being able to trust yourself as a coach, being ok with not knowing, being willing to bring your whole, loving, powerful presence to the coaching is one of the most courageous gifts you will give to your clients.

I can help you find, and reconnect with your power and presence – your messy, human brilliance (It’s the thing I love most about you - and I'll bet your clients do too!). I can help you learn how to build trust, be comfortable with professional intimacy, and learn to be with the discomfort that being a great coach often entails.  


I work mostly as an internal, workplace coach, so if you need a coach to help you with business-building skills, I'm probably not the best fit for you. 

If you're looking for a coach and mentor to support you in deepening your coaching presence and stop hiding and beating yourself up for not doing it right, I could be right for you.

With my combined CPCC and The Daring Way™ experience, I'll bring you all I know about being in certification and how to show up bravely with your clients. If you want to dive deep into the Daring Way or Rising Strong curriculum, we can do that too.

Coaching with Jacqui had a beautiful combination of affection, tenderness and warmth. Don’t get me wrong, she is willing to challenge when needed. However, there is never any doubt in her unshakeable confidence in you. This has helped me to make such strides along my life’s path, I will be eternally grateful.
— Craig G Howe, CPCC, www.happygayman.com

I have a tendency to overthink and Jacqui was just brilliant at keeping me grounded and focussed so that I could find clarity and direction in the areas I wanted to work on. Her coaching and mentoring helped me move tremendously forward.
— Damien Massias, CPCC, www.damienmassias.com

Your Investment

'Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together.'-5.png



I'll include exercises and material from the Daring Way and Rising Strong curricula, if you want them and if it's relevant to the agenda you bring.

I include email support in between sessions as standard so you'll have an experienced CPCC in your corner throughout.

We can amp up contact in the time coming up to your exam so you don't need to do this alone!  

Ready to work with me?

Not quite ready yet?

No problem. Contact me to set up a time for a no-obligation, energising discussion to see if I might be the right coach for you. 

Certification is a rewarding and challenging experience - you don't have to do this alone.

Our sessions supported me in connecting again and again to the feminine source that I strongly have in me. They served like a precious reminder and link to the power, wisdom and magic in me. Thank you for opening the space for me to lean in, Jacqui. I am incredibly grateful for that.
— CPCC client's privacy respected
It’s great to have someone in your corner and as the weeks go by and we work together, I realise what a great choice I made.
— CPCC client's privacy respected
Your coaching is a testament of the power of a big heart. My valuable self exploration could not have been possible without the open, loving space you created. Your observations were astute and your curiosity led me to defining realisations.
— CPCC client's privacy respected