Braveologist exists to teach.
About presence, transformation, resilience, strengths, power and leadership - in life and at work.

Brave doesn't always look like a face-painted warrior or have a loud war cry. The word 'brave' has early roots coming from Spanish/Italian 'bravo' - meaning bold, untamed, courageous.

Sometimes courage is quiet, or still, or about letting go, or being with not knowing and still moving forward. Sometimes brave is a radical act - it's about being more of our natural selves.

I am 100% committed to this work and in my belief that you, your people, ideas, leaders, teams, and workplaces can create something new, purposeful and brilliant, if you're ready.

We do the work through training, facilitation and learning and development in workplaces - with individuals, managers, leaders and teams - and through 1:1 coaching for individuals and coaches-in-training.

It all begins with awareness.