This manifesto sets out why I do what I do and what I stand for and believe in - the guidelines for how I choose to approach my life and my work.


Why I do what I do:

Because life is meant to be lived, feeling 100% fully alive and energised. We should be able to do work that we absolutely love, are naturally good at, and that the world needs. 

How I do it:

By creating spaces for learning and exploration, for courageous conversations and discovery. I do this through training, teaching, coaching, and writing, with individual people and with people in organisations. I work independently, and I work in partnership with other coaches and change-makers. I am always learning, and I share what I learn and  my interpretation of it. I teach through my example and in workshops. I coach with people to help them uncover who they are, what they want, and  how to let go of old patterns of shame-fuelled behaviours so they can be more of who they are, feel whole and happy, and invite more wholeheartedness and love into their lives and work.

I use what I know from positive psychology, neuroscience, NLP, coaching approaches, quantum physics, and my own life experiences including through deep grief, profound appreciation, learning to Do My Own Work in the World :-)

I believe:

When we have done the deep inner work to know ourselves, have learned to let go of struggle, control, perfectionism and appeasing, we can embrace a different way of being - one of presence, paying attention, love and connection.

Choosing an awakened, fulfilling life will require us to draw deeply on our courage, to say 'yes' and 'no' in the right-feeling places. 

In the rigour of science and the playfulness of magic.

There is a larger part of us that always knows the way.

The magic happens in the details of our daily lives.  Sleep. Rest. Play. Hydration. Breathing deeply. Choosing. Paying attention. 

Powerful things happen in intentional groups and circles.

We can transform our relationship with these things - our thinking, our money, our emotions, our loved ones, our button-pressers-in-life. After we've been truly honest about its current state.

Spending our time and energy in a way that we enjoy, that we are good at, and where we can contribute or serve, is vital to our happiness and fulfilment.

That we are always evolving. Something is always wanting to happen. 

That our energy is either taking us higher, or lower, and we get to choose, regardless of our circumstances.

Intention matters. Our words and thoughts are creative.

We are always broadcasting something which is coming back to us. 

Every cell in our bodies is listening. Whether we speak kindly or harshly to ourselves, we are giving instruction to our bodies to thrive, or die.

That cultivating heart-based feelings like appreciation, care, love, make us feel good and bring more to us of the same.

We are supposed to be exactly who we are. 

There is so much wisdom in nature.

I used to, but no longer believe:

I must not share my preference or opinion if it is different to yours, or if it might create conflict.

I must struggle and try hard and work hard at everything.

I have to be Perfect, Right and Ready.

There is such a thing as being *too* sensitive.

I have to be deeply connected with everyone at all times. 

If I've got to make something happen in this world, I'm on my own with it and it's probably going to be hard.

There's never quite enough.

I'm sometimes less-than, and sometimes more-than, other people.

Planning is more important than Presence.

I must hide and disown my 'shadowy' bits at all costs.

[Phew! Am glad to be free of those!]

I want to live in a world where:

Kindness and respect are a priority.

We take the time to connect, share and grow with people who feel really good to work and play with.

I have the courage to speak honestly and openly, even when it feels hard, and even when I may not be agreed with.

Collaboration beats competition.

People feel valued and included.

I want to feel:

Alive. Energised. Free. Creative. Powerful. Conscious. Like I contribute. Full-of-myself. Whole. Fun. Light. Integrity. Connected. Inspired. Divinely Guided. Present. 

As a coaching partner or workshop leader, you can count on me:

To tell you the truth, even when I find it difficult. 

To 'stay connected' with you as I'm naming the energetic pattern I sense.

To cultivate a safe space, warmth and kindness. We will need that, as we are 'going deep'.

To always intend to include you. No-one gets left behind.

To do my very best to communicate what's ok and not ok so that you will know what I am asking for. To take 100% responsibility for how I respond if you can't, won't or don't honour my boundaries.

To check out with you, what your boundaries are, and how you want to be treated. To try not to make assumptions.

To be ridiculous at times - intense, wild, eccentric, 'cartwheely' and changeable. But always me, and always real.

To hold your stories with great reverence (and sometimes great irreverence, if it is time to be telling a new one) and always to keep your confidences and secrets with respect and discretion. They are not my stories to tell.

To insist that you tell a more empowering story-ending than the one you might be currently creating.

To take enough risks that I will get it wrong sometimes. When I do, I will 'circle back' and have another 'go' at empathy, connection, compassion and clear communication.