Real Resilience.

What would it be like, to know that nothing has gone wrong here, and all you're doing is expanding and growing?

What if the 'tough stuff' you're experiencing is just nature's way of shaping you into the diamond that you are, underneath?

What if, instead of getting 'triggered', or stuck in old stories, you decided to write a new one?

That person, that comment, that situation, that old feeling that keeps coming up, those thoughts that keep going round and around in your head. What if you could get into a different way of being around this issue, change your awareness and understanding around it, lift your perspective to one where you might discover the 'problem' doesn't exist any longer, and choose a new ending?

Aliveness. Grit. Freedom. Energy. Compassion. 

Wouldn't that be better?

I've heard it said that pain is a part of human existence. Suffering, however, is optional. How about we create a new, 'no suffering' rule for you?

No more suffering because of not being able to forgive (including yourself).

No more suffering because the same thing keeps stressing you out.

No more suffering because you haven't fully 'let go' of something that needed to be let go of.

No more controlling everything so it's all neat and tidy when things feel out of hand.

No more confusing things needing to be perfect with striving for excellence.

No more automatically 'armouring up' with people you love, who trigger you the most.

No more, not knowing why.

Truth is a radical, personalised realisation.

Let me help you uncover yours.

The Rising Strong Session

One issue. 90 minutes. You, Me and the issue. Rising Strong and emotional intelligence tools. A brave, safe space. I'll send you a copy of the book 'Rising Strong' after I receive your booking. Let's nail this thing, shall we?

I can't guarantee complete closure but I'm pretty confident you'll leave with a deeper understanding and another way to experience yourself through this issue.

For many people that lays a very different foundation for changing their responses, behaviour, thoughts and feelings about that thing that used to bother or trigger them so much. That's because we don't very often shine such a bright light into some of our very dark spaces.

'Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we're all in this together.'-9.png

Ready to go for Rising Strong?
Great. Me too.

Just wanted to thank you again for my coaching sessions, they really have been life-changing as have enabled me to feel much more confident about who I am and what I believe to be important. I DO have the skills and expertise I need to achieve what I want!
— L.M.
“I got the job! I was almost thrown because there were four people on the panel, but thought to myself ‘what would Jacqui say?’, took a deep breath, got my best self on, and went and did it’. I did it!
— M.E.
Jacqui helped me prepare for an interview and the one thing that really helped me forget how scared I was, was waving my hands about like an Olympic competitor. Not only did this remind me that I’m a winner but it also helped get my blood pumping to give me the energy I needed for the interview as well as making me literally laugh out loud which relieved some of the tension too. It made me focus on me and not how scary I thought the interview would be or would I be any good at it if successful. I got the job and will be bringing the positivity Jacqui helped me focus on and am looking forward to the new challenge. I can do it! :-)
— E.G.
A week after your interview skills course I went for a job and got it!! THANK YOU. And yes, I did the ‘sassy sister’ and ‘crossing the finish line punch’ in the loos beforehand and it obviously worked.
— B.S.
You helped me get two jobs! The stuff you were telling us about believing in ourselves and being proud of our achievements was very positive and I felt empowered and confident. Having you tell me it’s ok to feel good about things I’ve done is really liberating - this was a revelation! It focussed my mind to prepare and helped me with encouragement to go to interview and say - I’ve done this, I was good at it, it worked well and I am pleased! :-) I thought it was great!
— N.P.

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