If you're here, I'm guessing you and I have something in common in wanting to be brave with our lives. Let me help you transform your relationship with the rascally 'not good enough' and 'afraid of failure' once and for all. 

Want to book for Rising Strong on 8/9 March 2018? That's here.

The next 2 day residential The Daring Way will be on 9/10 April 2018 at Brathay Hall, on the shores of Windermere in the beautiful English Lake District (squee!). See more detail here.

Payment plans are available for both events with the balance due a month before the workshops.

Maybe you're interested in doing this work for yourself or within your organisation, or you might be a fellow coach, healer, leader, social worker, health professional or change-maker.   All brilliant places to begin.

If you're outside of Cumbria or not able to get to a live workshop, you can still work with me 1:1, through coaching.

If you're a professional looking to co-facilitate a workshop for your organisation or audience, I'd love to hear from you - you can facilitate this material alongside a fellow Certified Daring Way Facilitator so it may be easy to create something together.

Let me know what's on your mind here.

You can find out more about me here.

Little did I know at the start of September that two weeks down the line, not only would I have done a challenging and rewarding three day course on vulnerability with the amazing Jacqui Sjenitzer, but a week later I would be embarking on my own coaching foundation course. Amazing what opportunities can present themselves, when you are able to take a break from everyday busy-ness and see what is around you…This will be a September I will never forget!
— Katie, The Daring Way Participant

Which one is right for you?


The Daring Way™ - is for you if you want to be braver with your life, understand better where you are holding yourself back and how to ask for the support you need, and transform your relationship with vulnerability. It has a leadership/organisational development 'come from' place so is perfect for you if you want to understand your relationship with vulnerability and courage better, and how that affects the quality of your relationships.

You can experience The Daring Way with me as a 3 day workshop in a group setting, or 1:1 over 4-6 months. 


Rising Strong™ - is for you if you have struggled with disappointment, failure or heartbreak and want to know how to use your struggle as a call to courage, and write a brave new ending for your story. If you're a leader, it will help you with developing the resilience required to get back up after a fall or disappointment.

About me, about the work

Image by Aziz Acharki at unsplash.com

Image by Aziz Acharki at unsplash.com

I am a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (which includes training in both The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™) working with people 1:1 and through workshops to facilitate deep experiential learning based on the research of Dr Brené Brown.

The curriculum is designed to dive in and dig deep into the things that get in the way of us living an authentic life - one where we feel SUPPORTED, BRAVE, PURPOSEFUL, and FULLY ALIVE.  The workshops use video footage of Brene, storytelling and experiential exercises in a group setting. During the process we explore topics such as trust, vulnerability, courage, shame and worthiness.

We examine the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are holding us back and we identify the new choices and practices that will move us toward more authentic and wholehearted living. The primary focus is on developing shame resilience skills and developing daily practices that transform the way we live, work and lead.

An invitation to try living another way.


Come and work with me and a small group of like-minded others, in a safe, supportive environment.

YOU are important, your story matters, and we want to see who you are.

You'll be held with respect and kindness, as you discover and transform your relationship with the patterns that are getting in the way of you living a wholehearted and fully-felt life. 



Brave doesn't always mean fierce.

Learn to be ok with not knowing.

Learn to how to fail with grace, grit, even celebration!

True authenticity is a daily practice.

Once you've felt it, you won't want to go back.

What people just like you said about their workshop experiences:

Before coming on the Daring Way, I was tired and working too hard. After the workshop I am tired in a different way, it reminded me to keep my life purpose on track. I’d say to someone considering going through  the Daring Way, that the work is deep, powerful, and should be considered a gift to yourself. It may help set you free from the aspects that previously held you back.
— Cat, The Daring Way guest.

This has had such a profound effect on me. I feel like..... RISING!
— Sharon, Rising Strong guest.

I found it a really helpful day and I was surprised by how emotional I felt. I hadn’t been sure if going to a workshop would bring further insight to Brene’s incredibly insightful work, but I did feel that Jacqui offered additional insight and wisdom.
— C, Wholehearted Living workshop guest.

This is absolutely huge! It’s going to revolutionise the way I think about things in future.
— Wayne, Rising Strong guest.

The retreat was just amazing. I didn’t expect The Daring Way to be as life-altering, vulnerable and inspiring as it was. – this was life changing work. I feel so lucky to have been able to explore all of that in such a safe space with people I trust. 

It’s changed the way I think about things and the way I do things. My self awareness is so much greater and I know how I am likely to respond to situations. There has been a massive decline in my anxiety, and I do think that’s directly linked to the work I did in the Daring Way.
— Natalie, The Daring Way guest.

The experience that we had together as a group was much more profound than I imagined it would be, and more powerful than working with the books alone.

As well as deepening my understanding of the work, Jacqui led us on a very personal, transformative journey. I’d say to anyone considering booking on a workshop - “Definitely do it. And bring friends.
— Sara, The Daring Way guest.

I was really challenged and touched by this workshop. It helped me gain some much needed clarity.
— Nadine, The Daring Way guest.

The key for me was the exemplary modelling of facilitation at its best. Jacqui you are gentle and strong, reflective and insightful and so skilled at working in the moment with each and every participant. The other key moment was that I needed to show up too - consider and acknowledge my own emotions and vulnerabilities!

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Daring Way. The whole experience was truly magical - the attention to detail from the fairy lights and tea-lights to the gift bag, reflected your sense of beauty, serenity and humanity. Because of your gentle and flexible approach, I felt safe yet stretched and equipped with the learning I needed.

I would say to someone considering booking on this workshop: If you are looking for new insights and resources to support your personal and professional struggles and opportunities, the Daring Way is for you.
— Dorothy, The Daring Way guest.

I learnt a lot about myself, some brilliant techniques and tools and even had a few ahhh moments.
— A, Wholehearted Living workshop guest

Thank you...you gave me the gift of the first steps in daring greatly
about things which have prevented me from being truly me
for my entire adult life.

I would say to someone considering booking on the workshop - Absolutely do this. If you show up and be seen, it will change your world.
— Hannah, The Daring Way guest.

The first stand-out moment was that you as facilitator connected with me to understand my processing style and accommodated that so completely and authentically.

The second was that although the speaking of shame is so difficult, the release and realisation it brings changed possibilities in my world.
— Ellen, The Daring Way guest

Very well done Jacqui Brilliant - you are brave, vulnerable and wholehearted as a facilitator and you show up 100%. You make the space safe for people and role model the principles of the Daring Way throughout. And you are a great host - thanks v much for all the lovely snacks and prezzies.
— Viv, The Daring Way guest.

Thank you Jacqui for a day full of joy, creativity, gratitude and learning. You are the best facilitator and I always come away with new learning. Fabulous.
— D, Wholehearted Living workshop guest.

Thank you Jacqui for providing this brilliant opportunity to explore Brene Brown’s work. I wouldn’t have considered it had it not been for you. I’m now intrigued and want to explore and learn more! I have explored the topic of emotional intelligence in the past and attending this workshop has, for the first time, really brought the importance of taking time to appreciate and respond to our emotions alive. I can see applications for my learning in both my personal development and professional work.
— R, Rising Strong guest.
Pizza in, pjs on, and puppy cuddles happening. I sang all the way home to Aretha Franklin. All because you are absolutely doing the work you should be doing. Work that allows me to test and shift massive blocks. I feel uplifted and freer. I am so grateful.
— Sonya, The Daring Way guest.

It really gave me some food for thought. I found exploring some of the themes more difficult than I had expected in a group setting and I did feel quite raw and emotional, which surprised me. I’m going to revisit some areas and possibly seek further support. I felt that Jacqui handled the facilitation of the session sensitively, which is so important as these can be such challenging areas for so many of us.
— G, Wholehearted Living workshop guest.

I already loved Brene’s work. but I definitely felt like this was YOUR work in the world. A powerful, playful, intense couple of days. Thank you.
— Emma, The Daring Way guest.

Before coming to the Daring Way, I was curious as to what more I could learn from Brene’s work, having had a couple of ‘ah-ha’ moments previously from watching her videos.

Now I feel I have the beginning of an idea about this subject of shame - what it is, how to look at it, and where it works out in my life, as well as how vulnerability relates to it. And maybe I’m a little softer...

What would I say to someone considering booking? Yes! Do it!
— Cris, The Daring Way guest.

Before coming to the Daring Way, I was squashing myself, and extremely ready to move forward. Now I understand myself and how I can support myself in being who I came here to be.

There are many things I don’t say and many moments I do not stand up because I am so used to stopping myself - because I have learned it’s ‘too much’. That includes the Daring Way two days, however I don’t feel that heavy ache inside me that ‘I didn’t express myself’ because I know I did more than I normally would, I know I was brave. I know that giving myself credit is my new ‘ticket to ride’ :) The Gremlins better strap themselves in!!!!
— Carrie, The Daring Way guest.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for a great workshop. Your passion about the subject was wonderful and really infectious. I love the way that you connected with all of us without a glimmer of condescension. Thanks so much for reinforcing my feelings of equality with the rest of the human race.
— Jayne, Change Camp workshop participant.

I thought you did a fantastic job all round Jacqui and were a fabulous role model for me, as you showed such a range of effective facilitation skills throughout. Great sensitivity, great pace, really nurturing and creative, lots of light touches, fun and humour which made everyone relax and feel safe and comfortable right from the outset. I can see what a lot of thought and care you have put into developing the workshop, and also that you were being yourself. So all the important concepts like acceptance and vulnerability and self-compassion were being modelled for us all to see - brilliant!
— Mary, The Daring Way guest.

Before the Daring Way, I was very defensive following an event in my life 5 years ago when I really closed down my heart to protect myself.

Now I realise that my closing down my heart I have stopped myself from properly experiencing all emotions. I feel like I am now in a place where I am more vulnerable - but that is great as I can start to find out who I am. I now feel committed to being me and not the person I think people want me to be.

This course will transform your life if you really embrace it, you are honest to your innermost self and you are willing to face things which you might prefer to hide away inside.
— Rach, The Daring Way guest.

Definitely a standout moment for me was the connection that we made and strengthened - I think I have found some people that I could have a lovely friendship with. Made possible by Jacqui in ‘full flow’ - her ability to hold the space in the room and create psychological safety - she is second to none.
— May, Rising Strong guest.

I loved Jacqui’s relaxed delivery, how she had an agenda but went off-plan to allow conversation and comments to flow. I had total trust in her leadership at all times. I liked how she shared her own vulnerabilities.
— N, Wholehearted Living workshop guest.

Jacqui is an inspirational faciliator. She embodies wholeheartedness, lives authenticity and her warmth and energy are infectious. You definitely want her in your arena!
— Katie, The Daring Way guest.

As I said in an earlier comment, your ability to share your life experiences with such candour, humour and self-compassion was infectious and inspiring. It was a magical experience both in terms of how I ended up being there and how you brought together such a brilliant and beautiful group of people. Thank you <3 <3 <3
— Caroline, The Daring Way guest.

I learnt new ways to tap into my emotional responses and work with them in the moment. With practice this will positively impact me reframe unhelpful patterns of behaviour in response to life situations.
— Karen, Rising Strong guest.

Keep doing what you’re doing. You shine doing this. Thank you for your support and ‘holding me’ during both courses
— R, Rising Strong guest.

Please note this is not a therapy group, nor does it certify you to run groups using these materials- please refer to www.thedaringway.com  to find a certified professional in your area, to search for groups or workshops running near to you or to find out more about becoming a certified facilitator.

Here's what people just like you said when asked what they would tell
someone considering booking on a workshop:


The Daring Way

"YES !!!"


"Yes; Do it!"

"This work is deep, powerful and an opportunity should it pose itself to you should be considered a gift to yourself. It may help set yourself free from aspects of all that previously held you back."

"Definitely do it! And bring friends."

"Be brave, some of the content is emotionally difficult and intense, but absolutely worthwhile."

"This course will transform your life if you really embrace it, you are honest to your innermost self and you are willing to face things which you might prefer to hide away inside."

"Absolutely do this. If you show up and be seen, it will change your world."

"Do it - I think most people could benefit."

"If you are looking for new insights and resources to support your personal and professional struggles and opportunities, the Daring Way is for you.""

"Go for it! You will not regret it... and while you're at it, you may as well book the Rising Strong one also."

"Do it. You will not regret it. Go into it with an open heart."

"Go with an open heart and open mind and be prepared to really connect with yourself and others in a supportive, welcoming environment."

Rising Strong


"Personally, I think doing The Daring Way helped me a lot with Rising Strong so I would suggest doing that if you haven't already. If you have, then Rising Strong will help you find ways to unpick the stuck parts. Do it!"

"Do it! Go with openness and willingness and it will have a huge impact if you implement it."

"Do it! We all need it... your life will be a little (or a lot) better having gone through it... I think you should do the Daring Way first though.. Do both."

"If you are struggling emotionally, (and you may not know you are until you attend!) it will make you dig deep and provide resources to support you develop."

"Get booked, lean in, show up and shine!!!"

"Do it!"