Here's what I believe: You shouldn't be letting powerlessness or old stories of 'not enough' hold you back.

If we were sitting together with our backs pressed up against a big old wise beech tree, the sun dappling through leaves that are rustling softly with the breeze, musing about the magic and mystery of life, I'd tell you that you are more powerful than you ever gave yourself permission to believe.

I think you are incredible, with your deep thoughtfulness, your tenderness and fierce courage, your craving for quiet, your vision, your longing to have a deeper impact in the world.

I'd acknowledge that something deeply-buried is shifting in you, and the calling to something new is getting louder.

That all the stuff that's happened to you is rocket fuel for your transformation and evolution. That there is alchemy in transmuting that energy, that narrative, into something more potent, more empowering, more alive.

I'd tell you my wish for you is that you know that you belong here, in this miraculous life.

Right now, and just as you are.

Real, messy and magnificent, with high, strong energy and fire in your belly.

The world may just be depending on it.

If you're looking a powerful partnership to support you - I might be a good coach for you.


You helped me get on with the thing I needed to do DURING the coaching.

Ha! I needed to record a video, and you said, shall we record it now, so we did. And I’m very chuffed. Thank you.
— JP Flintoff, Coach, writer, emperor at


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The Daring Way is an empirically based curriculum based on the research and books of Dr Brene Brown and will help you develop your understanding and personal experience of courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy.


I write about my own life lessons, personal growth and psychology, and stories from inspiring people I know who are committed to living wholeheartedly and making the world a brilliant place to hang out in.

Little did I know at the start of September that two weeks down the line, not only would I have done a challenging and rewarding three day course on vulnerability with the amazing Jacqui Sjenitzer, but a week later I would be embarking on my own coaching foundation course. Amazing what opportunities can present themselves, when you are able to take a break from everyday busy-ness and see what is around you…This will be a September I will never forget!
— Katie, The Daring Way participant