I had an astrology reading last week that left me profoundly different.

Not the kind of shift I've experienced in coaching before where a glimpse of another way of seeing things helps everything to be different, but later fades and 'status quo' continues.

More of a deep knowing of my true nature - resonance with the vibrational makeup of my physical and spiritual being -  falling away of all things, masks, ways of being unrelated to that true nature. 

An understanding at a visceral level of who I am, and who I came here to be, what I came here to experience.

That I am capable of, and destined for, deeper client and world-work than I have been allowing.

That there is a genie in the bottle - my genius - that has all the wisdom needed to guide me.

That we all have this genius and that when I seek this knowledge for myself (instead of trying to learn from the gurus I turn to who may be wise, but are following their wisdom, their genius), my learning will have greater resonance, greater depth, because it is me who knows what is best for me. My path. 

That there are books which will help me connect with ancient wisdom, and the resonance of that inside myself.

I've started with reading Carl Rogers 'A Way of Being' and I can feel my being shift as I read his words about being real, listening deeply as you sit with another human, about how it is to truly believe and live as though every person can have their own reality - what is true for them. It all links with the work I've done before - coaching, The Daring Way, but somehow is having a deeper impact as I sink into more of what is calling me - depth, wisdom, strength, the wildest, most natural form of ourselves.

I have a newly inspired drawing towards different ways of being, new to me but ancient or established in psychology and in studies of mythology, anthropology, mysticism.

So I'm going to write about how I am shifting - resisting the urge to write for my audience, and giving myself the gift of writing for myself. 

Let's see where this goes :)