Where d'you wanna go, how much you wanna risk?

It's not even 7 am on a Sunday morning but I've already been wildly inspired by a friend of mine this morning, who wrote an article about her inspiration to live a wholehearted life, tied in with her love of Coldplay. I haven't got permission to share it yet so won't say more, but that sent me on a youtube marathon of rousing songs and this one caught my fancy.

I'm realising more and more:

We don't have to live superhero lives.

We don't have to match up to what others are doing.

We don't have to be famous.

We don't have to have better jobs, perfect bodies, well-behaved kids, more qualifications, harmonious relationships, have all our sh*t together.

We just have to be REAL and drop all the stories about who we should be and start being who we are and do All the Things that are calling us to make them, to bring them alive.

To do that we ARE gonna have to take some risks, we've got to step into that bigger place. 

If we don't try, we'll never know.

If we don't risk, we'll never go.

So where DO you wanna go?