[guest post] Wholehearted living.

I can’t wait to take part in Jacqui’s Wholehearted Living course in September to help me live in a braver, bolder way.

I have gratefully soaked up her influence over five years of friendship: I strive to Show Up, Be Seen and Live Brave in family life, church life, relationships and especially my role as a Mokyfit dance fitness instructor.

We met in class and clicked right away as we both threw ourselves into each chest-pop, kick and whoop with gusto.

So before I become client as well as friend, I did some homework on wholehearted living by seeing my favourite band Coldplay in concert at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

What did my pre-workshop research teach me?

1. Keep re-discovering afresh.

I saw Coldplay’s incredible performance at Glastonbury last year (on the telly) and couldn’t believe how much the four musicians wholeheartedly performed each song.

See how lost lead singer Chris Martin is when singing Clocks, not caring a jot about his bizarre piano-thrusting.

His delivery at Cardiff was just as exciting, and he will have performed that song hundreds of times. I had never seen anything like it.

I want to be that carefree, absorbed and energised, like I’m living something for the first time each time I do it. It all seems very Jacqui-esque to me!

2. Be humble, and inclusive.

Chris genuinely thanked everyone for coming and acknowledged the effort it takes to attend a concert: “the traffic jams, the weather, the million pounds you have to pay for a hotel.” He was constantly on the move, singing to each section of the stadium to make everyone feel part of a shared experience.

My Mokyfit audience averages 20, not 70,000, but people give up time and money to attend. I owe it to them to deliver each routine wholeheartedly, no matter if I’m bored of the song or feel tired. I have to keep an eye on everyone and adapt how I teach for all abilities so everyone can feel included and do it wholeheartedly too.

3. Live in the moment.

Guitarist Jonny Buckland played the opening chords to the bouncy Charlie Brown where Chris encouraged everyone to jump to the beat. We enthusiastically obliged. But before he sang the first verse, Chris stopped the band and urged everyone to put their phones away.

Rather than experience this unique moment through a small screen, we should feel it wholeheartedly in the here and now.

“Forget social media,” he said. “Really jump together.”

When the song began again, the atmosphere was totally different.

It was super-charged, electric, euphoric. It reminded me of Jacqui’s description of being “fully alive”.

4. It’s okay to make mistakes.

Another of Jacqui’s mantras, because we become stronger through our mistakes and no-one else cares, so there’s no shame in making them.

The opening notes of the iconic Fix You sounded out as Chris walked along a walkway to the main stage.

He started singing.

Then he stopped the song.

“I’ve messed it up,” he said (in fruitier language). “It’s the second time I’ve done this,” he admitted to 70,000 people, who now admired him all the more.

He re-traced his steps and started again, and our hearts soared as we all sang along.

In my Mokyfit classes, customers love it when I forget the moves because it gives them permission to slip up too.

5. You can stray from plans and go with the flow.

Another Jacqui-ism about not resisting the present moment. The fan who held up a sign pleading with Chris to let him play Everglow was initially turned down, but then Chris beckoned him up and said: “Sod it” (or something similar). “Why not, let’s try it.”

The delighted fan did a decent job playing the piano intro before Chris thanked him and diplomatically took over again.

How generous of him to share his stage and audience, and how brave to try something with such an unknown – potentially disastrous – outcome.

The crowd loved it.


I’ll never forget watching my son Charlie pogo-sticking for two hours with his arms raised, singing with his eyes closed and playing the air guitar with all his being.

What a lesson to learn at just eight years old.

May he live the rest of his life with such carefree joy.

I look forward to progressing my Wholehearted Living journey with Jacqui in September.

Nicola Roberts, MokyFit instructor - www.mokyfit.co.uk