Just say it.


I experienced someone being true to themselves this week when they told a group they had been leading for years, they were no longer going to be fulfilling that role - things had changed, they were reaching a birthday milestone and evaluating their life, they wanted to spend more time with family.

As they started to say the words, even before they got the words out, someone in the group had shouted out 'OH NO!' and I thought that have made it much harder to say. But the person did it, they didn't falter. They got the words out. I could see that they were shaken by having spoken, feeling all the feels of the vulnerability, the uncertainty, the risk that had just been taken. A necessary one, for them to be true to themselves and to follow what felt right, but one that rocked them deeply, nevertheless.

This is ordinary courage in action. No loud fanfare, no bells and whistles. Saying what we need to say. Trusting who we are, what we value, what we need.

We're all in it together.