FAQs for the Daring Way and Rising Strong workshops

Is this therapy?

No. The workshops are contextualised in a leadership/organisational development context and are not therapy. The curriculum is a psycho-educational one which means they are about psychological aspects and about education around them, with the focus on the educational aspects here.

Here's an example. If we're exploring childhood shame messages in the workshop, and you identify a critical voice that you think comes from a parent, in therapy you might dig deeper into that voice and a facilitator might ask 'when did you first hear your father say those words?' and 'how did you feel at the time?'. I would ask you 'how does that voice affect the way you show up as a leader in your work?'

You can search for certified professionals in your area on www.thedaringway.com

What's in the workshop?
The curricula (I had to look up the plural of curriculum :)) are different for the Daring Way and for Rising Strong.

The Daring Way explores topics such as shame, vulnerability, courage, empathy and self-compassion, and is focussed on the metaphor of the arena to explore how you show up, be seen and live brave, in your life and at work. It gives a solid foundation from which to explore how you 'do' shame and vulnerability, and from which to start to develop daily practises that better support your sense of worthiness and what matters most to you. 

Rising Strong explores how to get up when you have failed or fallen, and how to develop your emotional intelligence (how you feel, think and act). We may rumble with stories of shame, vulnerability, criticism, anxiety, grief and forgiveness, depending on what comes up in the group. If you are regularly 'triggered' emotionally, you might find it helpful to develop a way of learning about what stories you are telling about events and how you that could serve you better in future.

Can I do the workshops in any order?
Yes, you can. If you want a thorough grounding in how shame shows up for you and building empathy and self-compassion skills, you might prefer to start with the Daring Way. If you want to learn a process for recognising your emotions and dealing with failure, Rising Strong would be a good place to start. You can't get it wrong!

What will my fellow learners be like?
Probably just like you! They may be HR or L&D managers, managers or supervisors, leaders in organisations, people working in helping professions, or coaches (not an exhaustive list). Most people have heard of Brene Brown's work, read a book with their reading group or watched one of both of her TED talks.  They will have similar questions, fears, and hopes as you.

Where can I see Brene's TED talks?
Here, and here.

Will I have to bear my soul?
No, you won't have to do anything you don't want to do. I'll ask you to 'share with stretch', which might mean that you feel some discomfort when you share some things about yourself - vulnerability *is* uncomfortable - that's the whole point of this workshop! But it will be in a small group (between 6-9 people, usually) and we'll have taken time to make sure it's a confidential, safe and encouraging space. 

Connection is important in the workshop - so you will get more from it if you come along willing to open up and let people see the real you. You won't have to speak to the whole group if you don't want to (let me know if this is likely to be particularly tough for you and I'll make sure you get what you need).

How long is the workshop?
Two days, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on both days, with a 45 minute or 60 minute lunch break (depends on group needs). It's really important you are on time, and there for both days, unless it's really unavoidable - because your (physical and attentional) presence matters to the group, and absences/lateness has an impact. Please do all you can to make this a priority. Thanks!

What if I need to cancel my booking?
We appreciate circumstances change and that whilst no one wants to have to cancel, sometimes this is beyond your control. If you do need to cancel your place, we will do everything within our ability to help you.

Here are details of our 'Cancellation Policy':

  • More than 6 weeks before the event date - full refund will be made.
  • Between 6 and 2 weeks before the course is scheduled to take place - 50% refund will be made.
  • Less than 2 weeks before the course is scheduled to take place - 100% of the workshop fee is charged*

*Alternatively, a substitute delegate may be named, provided that Braveologist People Development is notified in writing of such substitution prior to the event.

Can I connect with you before the workshop?
Definitely! You can connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn under my name, or set up a time for a chat by phone or Skype (I'm on Skype at jacquisjen). I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Previous participants have said they were glad of the opportunity to talk about the content and the workshop before the event.

Hope to see you at a workshop soon!

With gratitude, Jacqui