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Here's why.

I believe work should be a feel-good way to spend our time and energy, and workplaces should be places and organisational structures that let us bring our whole selves to work, spark our best thinking, and support our best work.


Little did I know at the start of September that two weeks down the line, not only would I have done a challenging and rewarding three day course on vulnerability with the amazing Jacqui Sjenitzer, but a week later I would be embarking on my own coaching foundation course. Amazing what opportunities can present themselves, when you are able to take a break from everyday busy-ness and see what is around you…This will be a September I will never forget!
— Katie, The Daring Way™ participant

wholeness. compassion. power. presence. resilience. creativity. radical positivity.

As humans - when we give ourselves full permission to live the life we want to live, overcome self-doubt and insecurities, start paying attention to what feels good and what doesn't and start accessing our inner wisdom and the courage to act on it, we transform and expand our worlds - and lift those around us who will notice the difference.

As coaches - when we show up with our whole selves and powerful presence, we create a potent and fertile space with our clients, underpinned by deep trust and partnership. These are the conditions necessary for the container of psychological safety in which transformational and long-lasting change can happen.

As employees or as managers, we can know that when people are supported to show up like this in the workplace, they are more satisfied, have higher commitment, perform better and stay longer because as humans we tend to want to enjoy our work, belong where we feel valued, and contribute.

As leaders, we have greater impact where we give ourselves permission to bring warmth, authenticity and Sometimes-Not-Knowing to the people we serve. There is power in learning to deal with the discomfort that comes with uncertainty and risk in our leadership - no more avoiding it altogether because we don't know how.

If you're looking for a powerful partnership to support you or your workforce in doing your best work, I'd love to talk about working with you.



Not trusting our innate worth and wisdom and not feeling good enough has us believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with us as a human being - that we somehow don't measure up to some externally defined standard or perfectionist sense of how we should be.

And - we are hard-wired for belonging - so it's likely that if we've never explored our relationship with accepting ourselves and belonging, we'll be acting from trying to avoid disconnection and manage what others think of us, instead of staying open to connection but having really clear communication around what's ok and what's not, for us.

If you're living from this place, you're probably working too hard to 'make things happen', speaking and acting from a place of needing to be something other than you actually are - saying yes when you mean no, not saying no often enough, feeling angry and resentful often, or feeling flat and lifeless because you haven't given yourself permission to feel angry or have boundaries. If you are working hard to please or appease others, if you're keeping quiet to 'keep the peace', if you're setting yourself unrealistic standards of perfection, if you've 'orphaned' some parts of yourself you've judged as 'not ......... enough', that's going to be eating away at your life force, leaving you feeling wrung out, powerless, hidden, and very very small. 

I know how that feels because it was exactly how I lived my life until I got clear about the impact of my un-examined thoughts and feelings around 'not enough'and 'I'm afraid everyone who knows me is secretly holding polls on how rubbish I am' and 'I should try harder' were driving my life and decisions. 

I can help.

I work with individuals, coaches and teams to teach and support them to develop their presence and confidence and deepen their relationships, and also how to find the right words to communicate from a place of authority, clarity, openness and respect. And when you have something you want to create - to allow and receive more, instead of striving and efforting.

This work is about raising awareness and practising the skills - emotional intelligence and shame resilience - and I can show you how.

It's not for the faint-hearted. This work requires us to dig deep into the thoughts, feelings and behaviours we are currently living, to shine a light on our 'not enough' stories once and for all, and to develop the courage to be who we are, form deeper connections (with bigger boundaries) with those around us, and create what we want to create in the world.

By its very nature, the identity you've crafted (and that could be a team or organisation as well as an individual) won't want to be seen - it will want to keep you isolated and small. We're going to treat it gently, but we're going to firmly prise its grubby little hands off the steering wheel of your life, and  start listening to the genius in you, who wants to lead with WISDOM, ALIVENESS, CREATIVITY and COURAGE.

And it's going to feel liberating, when your attention is freed up and you can create more of what you want to create.


You helped me get on with the thing I needed to do DURING the coaching.

Ha! I needed to record a video, and you said, shall we record it now, so we did. And I’m very chuffed. Thank you.
— John-Paul, Coach.
Knowing that my life for the next year was going to involve major changes in my career and life environment including moving homes after nearly ten years, I chose coaching with Jacqui in order to have space for reflection and for my inner connection. I was feeling overwhelmed by the topics that were going on and by the day to day reactivity. Jacqui provided a sacred and safe place where all my feelings and thoughts were met with acceptance. Her way of coaching helped me to grow new perspectives and insights based on my values and my wisdom. She helped me put words and descriptions to experiences that seemed to be abstract to me initially. Our sessions helped me to connect to and live out of my inner guidance, depth and beauty. I learned to accept and embrace my shadows and see them as valuable messengers in order to lead my life in the most intuitive way. Jacqui is a treasure to work with. I can’t recommend her enough.
— C, Coach
I just wanted to say thanks so much for a great workshop. Your passion about the subject was wonderful and really infectious. I love the way that you connected with all of us without a glimmer of condescension. Thanks so much for reinforcing my feelings of equality with the rest of the human race.
— Jayne, therapist.
I thought I’d let you know that I’m moving to the Shetlands tomorrow to take up an OT post in a hospital. This life coaching stuff has a lot to answer for!
— D, Occupational Therapist
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate being with you. You are an incredible leader, coach and facilitator. So, so glad that you are involved in this programme - the contribution and difference you make is outstanding. So glad we have agreed to 3 more days.
— J, Director of Operations, charity sector

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