about the brave.

Brave doesn't always look like a face-painted warrior or have a loud war cry. The word 'brave' has early roots coming from Spanish/Italian 'bravo' - meaning bold, untamed, courageous.

Sometimes brave is quiet, or still, or about letting go, or being with not knowing and still moving forward. Sometimes brave is a radical act - it's about being more of our natural selves, more of the time.

Our work together is about having the courage to find the innate intelligence and vitality in you, your team, your leadership.

It all begins with awareness.


1:1 life + leadership coaching

You, me, and coaching conversations that get to the heart of the matter, light you up, and get you into inspired action. Some of it's dark and earthy, some of it's a giddy 'woo hoo!'. Full-range.

You'll get to know yourself better, learn how to develop deep approval and radical self-compassion and radiate powerful presence as a result.

for organisations

Facilitation, training + workshops: Get some experienced facilitation support for your meeting or away-day, invite me to speak about emotional intelligence, courage, authenticity and resilience to your team, organise a workshop, coaching or learning and development in your team or workplace. We can also co-produce something that is tailor-made for your specific situation or need.

read the blog + articles

I write about self-awareness, personal growth, creativity + psychology and how we show up at and through our work.

There's a sprinkling of tales from my own life, and I gather stories from inspiring people who are committed to living wholeheartedly and doing great work.