Show up Shamelessly.

Shame (the ‘not enough’ epidemic) shows up as perfectionism, over-achieving, people-pleasing, playing small, hiding, making up what others are thinking and feeling flat and uninspired.

In workplaces it shows up as blame, comparison, conflict or tough-conversation-avoiding, clumsy and harmful feedback practices, and a disengaged workforce.

You may see high stress and burnout, poor performance and low job satisfaction, a lack of trust between staff and managers, and high turnover of staff.

I support dynamic, compassionate people as they step into a bigger personal or professional space with powerful presence, alignment, creativity, joy and compassion.

I’m a coach, mentor and psychologist, and my work draws on positive psychology, neuroscience, and grounded theory research into shame, resilience, wellbeing and human connection. I add a sprinkling of magic, drawing on nature and the unconscious as places to guide our inspiration.

You can change things.

I will help.


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