Brave doesn't always look like a face-painted warrior or have a loud war cry. The word 'brave' has early roots coming from Spanish/Italian 'bravo' - meaning bold, untamed, courageous.

Sometimes courage is quiet, or still, or about letting go, or being with not knowing and still moving forward. Sometimes brave is a radical act - it's about being more of our natural selves, more of the time.

More than ever, the world needs us to be who we are. Urgently, perhaps.

There is no more time for masking, for numbing or ignoring what we're feeling, for not paying attention, for hiding, for being a spectator in our own lives. It's time to evolve.

It all begins with awareness.

My coaching and facilitation work is about holding a guarded and cherished space for the metamorphosis happening - in you, in your team, in your workplace, with your leadership.

In those spaces, we make room for unearthing the truth about what's going on, we share the unsharable, we learn to work with our emotions as a creative force, we are real, we find what lights us up and then we follow that.

We discover how we relate to ourselves and with each other, we honour our cycles and rhythms and we balance the masculine 'do and make happen' with the feminine 'allow and receive'. 

My work is grounded in co-active coaching, positive psychology, neuroscience, and person-centred approaches to human development and change.



When we humans give ourselves permission to live the life we want to liveovercome self-doubt and insecurities, start paying attention to what feels good and what doesn't and start accessing our inner wisdom and the courage to act on it, we make our world a better place - and lift those around us who will feel the difference.

As coaches, when we show up like this, we create a powerful, open space with our clients, underpinned by deep trust and partnership. These are the conditions necessary for psychological safety, impact and sustained change.

As employees or as managers, we can know that when people are supported to show up like this in the workplace, they are more satisfied, have higher commitment, perform better and stay longer because as humans we tend to want to enjoy our work, belong where we feel valued, and contribute.

As leaders, we have more impact where we give ourselves permission to bring warmth, authenticity and the mystery of Not-Knowing to the people we serve. There is power in learning to deal with the discomfort that comes with uncertainty and risk in our leadership - no more avoiding it altogether because we don't know how.


You helped me get on with the thing I needed to do DURING the coaching.

Ha! I needed to record a video, and you said, shall we record it now, so we did. And I’m very chuffed. Thank you.
— JP Flintoff, Coach, writer, emperor at


You and me, and coaching conversations that get to the heart of the matter and help you take action that's aligned with what you want to create. You'll get to know yourself better, and develop powerful presence as a result.


The Daring Way is an empirically based curriculum based on the research and books of Dr Brene Brown and will help you develop your understanding and personal experience of courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy.


I write about my own life lessons, personal growth and psychology, and stories from inspiring people I know who are committed to living wholeheartedly and making the world a brilliant place to hang out in.

Little did I know at the start of September that two weeks down the line, not only would I have done a challenging and rewarding three day course on vulnerability with the amazing Jacqui Sjenitzer, but a week later I would be embarking on my own coaching foundation course. Amazing what opportunities can present themselves, when you are able to take a break from everyday busy-ness and see what is around you…This will be a September I will never forget!
— Katie, The Daring Way participant