More than ever, the world needs us to be who we are. Integrity is necessary. Urgently, perhaps.

There is no more time for masking, for numbing or ignoring what we're feeling, for not paying attention, for hiding, for being a spectator in our own lives.

My intention is that our work together is built on trust, aim straight for the heart of the matter, go deep, be playful and fun, and leave you and your people energised, and better than before. I'm a natural detective at heart, and it's my job to root out with you, what's really going on. 

Our current track record shows our workplaces aren't the happiest places for humans to be - they're the source of stress in many cases, and if you look at the priorities for the UK Government at this current time, you'll see wellbeing, loneliness, and mental health as priorities. Many of our workforces are feeling disempowered, alone, and burnt out.

I personally know the demands of leading a team, and have a background in occupational psychology, training and facilitation, so I can also provide mentoring around specific workplace issues, managing people, developing teams, wellbeing, bouncing back from tough times, supporting teams through change, developing presentations, chairing meetings, planning for difficult conversations, changing cultures from ones of blame, to ones of accountability and trust.

It's a powerful time of change, of evolving. There is no more time for masking, for numbing what we're feeling, for not paying attention, for hiding, for being a spectator in our own lives.  Old ways of struggling, efforting, and feeling separate from others, separate from the planet, are dropping away fast

My coaching and facilitation work is about holding a guarded and cherished space for the metamorphosis happening - in you, in your team, in your workplace, with your leadership.

In those spaces, we make room for unearthing the truth about what's going on, we share the unsharable, we learn to work with our emotions as a creative force, we are real, we find what lights us up and then we follow that.

We discover how we relate to ourselves and with each other, we honour our cycles and rhythms and we balance the masculine 'do and make happen' with the feminine 'allow and receive'. 

My work is grounded in co-active coaching, positive psychology, neuroscience, and person-centred approaches to human development and change.

It all begins with awareness.

My work as a coach and facilitator is about helping you deeply know and trust yourself. To slow down, to pay attention. To notice your internal wisdom and how it guides you in every moment through how you feel. To bring more balance into your life through honouring your natural rhythms. To stop being so hard on yourself and to let some tenderness and self-kindness in. 

Knowing that my life for the next year was going to involve major changes in my career and life environment including moving homes after nearly ten years, I chose coaching with Jacqui in order to have space for reflection and for my inner connection. I was feeling overwhelmed by the topics that were going on and by the day to day reactivity. Jacqui provided a sacred and safe place where all my feelings and thoughts were met with acceptance. Her way of coaching helped me to grow new perspectives and insights based on my values and my wisdom. She helped me put words and descriptions to experiences that seemed to be abstract to me initially. Our sessions helped me to connect to and live out of my inner guidance, depth and beauty. I learned to accept and embrace my shadows and see them as valuable messengers in order to lead my life in the most intuitive way. Jacqui is a treasure to work with. I can’t recommend her enough.
— C, Coach
I just wanted to say thanks so much for a great workshop. Your passion about the subject was wonderful and really infectious. I love the way that you connected with all of us without a glimmer of condescension. Thanks so much for reinforcing my feelings of equality with the rest of the human race.
— Jayne, therapist.
I thought I’d let you know that I’m moving to the Shetlands tomorrow to take up an OT post in a hospital. This life coaching stuff has a lot to answer for!
— D, Occupational Therapist
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate being with you. You are an incredible leader, coach and facilitator. So, so glad that you are involved in this programme - the contribution and difference you make is outstanding. So glad we have agreed to 3 more days.
— J, Director of Operations, charity sector

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