Our next Daring Greatly™ for women intensive gathering will be scheduled soon.

Will you join us? 

Before DG I felt a little lost and confused. Now I feel grounded and clear on WHY i feel the way I do and able to start working on these areas in a meaningful way.

This work landed for me with a thud and really made me see myself - the way it was delivered with vulnerability, transparency and lightness made this impact be felt. I had read the books so nothing was ‘new’ and yet it was all new as it came to life with the modelling. Jacqui is an amazing facilitator and seer of people.
— Rebecca Armstrong, Daring Greatly™ participant

There comes a time in our lives when we're called to play bigger, whether that be taking on a new role, stepping into our leadership and self-authority, starting a business, creating a community project, finding our voice or speaking our truth.


When it's time to 'show up' with courage, we can find ourselves feeling out of our depth. 

We doubt ourselves, we hold back, we try too hard, we isolate ourselves, we armour up, we play small, we don't let our true selves be seen.

It's hard to lead a mission, or launch a movement, from that place.



The way forward is being real, knowing what matters most, transforming our relationship with uncertainty and our emotionsletting ourselves be seen. This is a way of living, a practice, a commitment.

It's not always comfortable, but it *is* steeped in integrity and authenticity.



If it's your time to step into the arena of your self-authority and leadership, I can help.


Daring Greatly™ is a psycho-educational (that just means focussed on education around positive mental health) curriculum, full of activities and based on the research of Brené Brown.

It's practical and experiential - you'll learn why you do the things you do in relation to how you think others see you, whether they be direct reports or loved ones, and you'll be learning some practical skills you can put into place right immediately after the workshop in your life.


This event is limited to 8 people so that you can have plenty of space to work things through.

We may never be completely shame-free - there will still be days when we get 'triggered'. But there is such power and freedom in understanding shame, vulnerability and courage, and having worked out how they have been calling the shots in our lives. It's like letting the genie out of the bottle - once it's out, there's no going back.


It could be for you if you currently:

  • Are being asked to step into a bigger arena at work, or are creating something new.

  • Regularly feel afraid, exposed, isolated or like you're full of 'imposter syndrome'

  • Think thoughts or say things to yourself that are unkind, and harsh, about your capability, intelligence, body, or appearance.

  • Isolate yourself instead of asking for help.

  • 'Over-care', getting enmeshed in other people's 'stuff', or get told you are 'cold' or 'aloof'.

  • Work really hard to manage what others think about you.

  • Obsess over getting things just right, most of the time.

  • Smile when you're feeling furious, or other incongruent emotions/behaviours.



After Daring Greatly™ 

  • You're clear about what shame is, how you get triggered, and have a 'go-to' plan for facing your future with confidence.

  • You're cultivating deeper connections with the people that matter to you.

  • You know how to stay connected and empathise, but with strong, healthy boundaries.

  • You know what it takes to step into a bigger arena, and what steps to take next.

  • You've begun to surround yourself with support, and know how to ask for help when you need it.

  • The voice in your head is a much kinder one, especially when it's talking directly to you.

  • You lead, communicate and engage others with authenticity, trust, and presence.

  • You feel clear, purposeful, move alive than ever.


I loved the Daring Way. I now have a greater awareness of being vulnerable and feeling shame, and the antidotes for this. Because of your gentle and flexible approach, I felt safe yet stretched and equipped with the learning I needed.
— Dorothy Armstrong - Facilitator and Communications Consultant, Edinburgh

If I only had one word to describe myself before Daring Greatly it would be stuck. I had some awareness of the destructive cycles that were keeping me stuck in fear and shame, I was tired of the pain I was causing myself and others when in these destructive cycles but no matter how much I tried I could not seem to stop.

Now I have hope, faith trust and so much gratitude. I am so grateful for the clarity I have, particularly around my values, and to have awareness of the patterns around shame and its triggers, also grateful to now have some tools and language to help navigate my way through the arena.

I have trust in the grounded theory research data and because I trust that it comes from thousands of human stories and the patterns are so clear, I can trust as a human being it applies to me.
— L Baldwin, Daring Greatly participant

Before DG, I’d describe myself as ‘hiding behind my armour’. Now, I’m learning to be able show my vulnerability. I’m practising a new vocabulary and I’ve stopped projecting my values onto others.

Being in the same space as those other brave ladies was totally inspiring.
— Helen A, Daring Greatly participant


I run these workshops because this has been the most deeply transformative inner work I have ever done (and witnessed in others) and because I truly believe that everyone on the planet would benefit from doing it. I've been working with the material for over 2 years now and have seen again and again the transformational effects that practicing this knowledge brings. 

The workshop is not therapy.

We do look briefly at past/childhood/school experiences -  just long enough to identify where early shame messages may have originated - and then our focus goes firmly back to the present day and how this affects you TODAY.

A short, pre-booking call is required to check that this is the right programme at the right time for you.


Most valuable for me was looking back at the shaming messages from childhood, work and relationships, found that a powerful exercise when thinking about the arena. I found Jacqui’s enthusiasm, vulnerability, ability to create psychological safety, honesty and knowledge to be second to none. She is an inspiring woman!
— Mary T Tierney - Azurite Consulting, County Clare


About your coach and guide:


I'm Jacqui - I'm trained as a coach, psychologist and Certified Daring Way™ and Dare To Lead™ Facilitator. As well as my personal work with women, I work with groups, teams and leaders in workplaces. My work is informed by my values of Freedom, Kindness, Creativity, Excitement, Gratitude and Courage.

Most importantly, I've walked this path, so I know what it takes to move from living from fear, shame and scarcity, to being real, messy and magnificent, and feeling whole. Living a wholehearted life happens in the detail of our daily lives, and by cultivating a rock-solid 'support section' - we're not supposed to do this alone.

You can find me online at www.braveologist.co.uk.


Before coming to The Daring Way I was struggling sometimes, always checking if I was doing things right.

After The Daring Way, I am less soul searching, feel like I have tools such as a word and arena anthem to guide my way when the wobbles start.

I feel it’s taken til today to start to settle back in to myself. The 3 special days we shared last week have made a deep and lasting impression on me, that I want to hold on to for a long time. 

The compassion and kindness shown to me by you all, especially on that very hard first day helped me find the courage to believe I could do this, to show up and be seen. I might not always have done that in the most graceful, polished way but I truly will treasure being brave.
— Ally McGuinness, workshop participant


Ticket price £575.

What's included:

The sill, reception area

The sill, reception area

  • A pre-workshop 30 min call with me to talk about what you can expect from the workshop, and to answer any questions you may have. This bit's important - we're starting to build trust way before the workshop days.

  • A three day The Daring Way™ intensive workshop at The Sill Visitor Centre, Northumberland, between 9.30 am and 5.00 pm - next dates will be scheduled soon.

  • We'll have a hot drink and delicious brownies waiting for you, and a soup and sandwich lunch is included each day. Your investment includes all materials, course notebook and a beautiful Daring Greatly™ workbook, as well as a few treats to take home with you!

  • Travel to and from the venue is not included. Plenty of parking is available at the venue.


Questions you might have:

I'm ready to book - what happens now? 

Great. Contact me to set up time for a 20 minute conversation (this is to ensure the programme is right for you at this time). Once dates have been scheduled, you can book via this website, or ask me about payment plans. Once you've paid this, your place is secured and I'll send you further details. 

Can I pay in full, or can you invoice my employer?

Absolutely. Tell me what you need when you make contact.

What if I can't come, or change my mind?

Please register mindfully as your deposit holds the energy of your intention to take part in this workshop. Your place is transferrable but not refundable. This means you can sell, or gift, your place to someone else. 

How do I get to The Sill?

You can see the details here.

Where should I stay?

There is a Youth Hostel at the Sill, and when you book I'll send you a link to other local accommodation in the area. The Twice Brewed Inn is right next door to the venue, and does B&B.

What if I have dietary needs or allergies?

Let me know at the time of booking. We'll do our best to make sure everyone is well catered for. The Sill has a cafe and they will be lovingly preparing our catering. We’ll have tea and coffee available but you’ll be able to get other drinks you might want yourself from the cafe.

Is this therapy?

No, it's not, and I am not a therapist. I'm a coach - governed by the ethics of the International Coach Federation - so will take good care of your beautiful heart - but I'm not qualified to offer therapy. You'll be asked to sign a coping agreement so you'll have the chance to think through what support you might need after the workshop, and I can help with recommendations, should you feel the need to dig more deeply into, and heal old stories. Past participants have done that and I've sought some extra support myself before now. 

I might need more support - can I coach with you on top of attending the workshop?

Absolutely. You can book with me for pre and post The Daring Way coaching support - Two 60 minute sessions before the workshop and one afterwards, for a one off payment of £240. You can buy the extra sessions in the store on this site.

Will I be able to call myself a Certified Daring Way Facilitator after the workshop?

No - this work is for your own development and does not equip you to run workshops using the materials from Daring Greatly or Rising Strong. You can find out more about certifying with the Daring Way at www.thedaringway.com.


If this invitation feels like a resounding yes then I'd be thrilled  to welcome you to the stunning Northumberland National Park for this gathering of The Daring Way. 

My intention is to gather people who feel really good about booking. As scarcity can often show up, I invite you to notice if you have any twinges of scarcity, fear of missing out or worry over paying for something you can't afford.

You do not need to have this, or any other experience, to start showing up more bravely in your life. Support is fantastic, yes, but you don't NEED a reason to start. 

There will be other workshops, with me or with other facilitators. There are a million ways to deepen into this work, including reading Brene's books and watching videos that are freely available online.

You can begin right now, just as you are. 

And if it still feels like a 'yes', use the 'find tickets’ button.

Still have questions? Get in touch.

Not ready for the full 3 day experience? I know it is a big commitment which is why I’d be happy to speak with you to tell you about the experience and answer any questions you may have.

Schedule 20 mins to talk here.

My stand-out moment was realising how brutal I am on myself, how compassionate others are, how safe I felt and how wonderful it was to spend 3 days with remarkable women all in this to make a difference. The most valuable part of the workshop was learning I can create magic in a room, and that being brave with the smallest achievements can mean so much.

Thank you so much for your kindness.
— Maria Martin, The Daring Way participant.

Before the workshop and at the start of the workshop I really thought that what I achieved at work made me ME, but actually I make me ME, all my experiences and feelings. And I happen to bring those qualities to work, but I also brings those to home, family and friendships. I loved that realisation and sharing it in the creative session at the end.

And I can be CREATIVE!
— Susy AB, Daring Greatly™ participant

Before The Daring Way, I was exhausted from striving, emotionally stretched, scared of the future although it was positive. After The Daring Way, I’m still a work in progress but it gave me a safe, held space to land back to a more emotionally grounded place where I could name what was happening and my body let its foot off the gas. I’m feeling clearer and more confident.

The most useful thing to me was the chance to ride through the whole thing. It was the sum of its parts - the journey along side others that helped me let go of so much I had held tightly.

I’d say to someone considering the workshop - do it, and don’t book anything for a couple of days afterwards.
— S Cox, The Daring Way participant.

Before the Daring Way, I was exhausted, people pleasing, and had been armouring up for the majority of my life. Afterwards, I’ve discovered who I am and I like it!

The stand out moment for me was on the 1st day - a huge connection with the women and the energy in the room.

I’d say to someone considering booking: It’s a journey you’re never to late to go on.

Thank you xxx from the bottom of my heart x
— Fiona Hardie, The Daring Way participant.

Thank you Jacqui for a very magical 3 days - as well as learning more about myself I loved the way you facilitated from your very personal and loving approach.
— D, The Daring Way workshop participant.

Before the Daring Way, I was feeling curious, open, a little nervous, aiming for wholehearted living.

Afterwards, I have more introspection, linking my learning with my past, realisation of where I’m still holding back, eager to go further into this work and how to implement it in all aspects of my life.

The standout moments for me: The word JOY! I’d never reflected on my values. Now it seems like an obvious thing that everyone should do. Connections with the other participants. Hearing about their work, goals and fears. Brene’s wisdom. Jacqui’s guidance and leadership. The gifts - It felt incredibly lovely to be nurtured like that. I felt worthy. The end: how can one group of women create all that after just three days together!

I’d say to someone considering taking this workshop - if you’ve been curious for a while but think you’re not quite ready, you probably are. You just have to book and trust that when the date arrives, it’ll be the right moment for you with the right group of people.
— Nicola Roberts, The Daring Way participant.

This is my third workshop with Jacqui and she continues to amaze and inspire me in ways I couldn’t have dreamed of!
— M, The Daring Way participant.

I take my own personal development very seriously, and I took part in this workshop earlier this year. Jacqui Sjenitzer, Braveologist Coaching, creates a safe space in which to explore your courage and vulnerability. It is three days of personal growth, with challenges along the way, and lots of love and laughter. Highly recommended.
— Madeleine, Bright Light NLP, Daring Way participant.