Work with me for support to discover, define or claim who you are.

Most of the people I work with are looking for a deep, rich, safe space to explore life’s big questions. They’re doing the work of unhooking from not feeling good enough, striving and struggling, pleasing performing and perfecting, and shedding old skins and patterns because something new is calling. They are finding their voice, rediscovering their power, returning to their natural selves, discovering what integrity looks like for them.

Grounded authenticity. Heart-expanding joy. Thrilling creativity. Believing in the impossible, every single day. Transformation. Burning old bridges. Rising like Phoenixes.

We’ll dig deep, and we’ll unearth whatever’s holding you back. There will be honesty, and truth, and probably tears, and All The Feelings and my wish for you is that you feel the FREEDOM of being all of who you are. There is power in your presence, and no-one else knows what’s inside of you wanting to be brought into the world. Just you. I will help.


This work is a practice. And it all begins with awareness.

Our time together is based on everything I’ve learned about showing up fully to life, based on my 25 years experience of facilitating group processes, 7 years as a certified coach working with hundreds of people individually, and 4 years guiding people through a very personal journey on the road to showing up shamelessly as their magnificently messy selves. The work of becoming real starts with understanding all the ways we currently hide, edit, perfect, please or perform, so that we can tell the truth and redesign our lives based on the new, fresh energy of our uncurbed selves. After years (a lifetime, for some of us!) of presenting a socially acceptable image to the world, it can take some time to get to know the person we are under all that masking. This is what I was put on the planet to do.

Too many of us have thought for years that there is something fundamentally wrong with us, and it’s totally not true. It’s time to start unshackling ourselves!

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Our focus on your whole life.

You cannot do what you want until you know what you're already doing (Moshe Feldenkrais).

I’ll help you figure out what you’re thinking, feeling and doing, and how that differs from what you want and what feels like integrity for you. We’ll work out next steps that feel like excitement and alignment for you.

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Truth and courage.

We’re going to need to tell the truth, dig deep, and get real. Some things are tough to admit or explore, but that’s where we’re going to find your freedom.

I’ll serve your agenda, of course. But I’ll also call you towards more choice, more power, and more trusting yourself. You can count on me to say the thing that no-body else will.

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I’m a certified and credentialed professional coach with 7 years of coaching experience and 25 years experience in the personal development field. I’ve helped hundreds of people set themselves free from old patterns and unhelpful stories about their lives and find the liberation, lightness and release they’ve been seeking.

I’m firmly in your corner, with my attention already on your highest success and happiness.


I might be a good coach for you if you are ready to uncover your absolute truth about how you want to live your life, your way. 

My clients have usually done a lot of self-development work over the years - they know themselves really well and have a high level of self-awareness and take 100% responsibility for the results they are getting in their lives - they just need a bit of support in stepping onto a bigger stage or going deeper into themselves, especially if they've previously had issues of 'not-enough-ness' or shame.

I’m a coach and organisational development specialist - I’m not a therapist nor a qualified mental health professional so I am not able to work with people with a diagnosis of anxiety, depression, or other mental health diagnosis.

Our work has rigour and structure but also makes room for the whole of what makes us human - your shadow-y bits are so welcome. We’re going for DEPTH and EXPANSION into the whole of who you really are and what you want to create.


How it works - next steps

If you are seriously considering working with me, I invite you to a powerful telephone coaching conversation - my gift to you. You can bring something big that really matters to you and I will serve you the best way I can, in our time together (not constricted by time, and usually takes up to 90 mins - we’ll know when we feel ‘done’). If I think I can serve you, I’ll invite you to coach with me longer term. If I can't, I'll be happy to recommend some other coaches or therapists that might be able to serve your need at this time.

When you’re ready to partner with me as your coach, I offer a single session, or a set of five or ten sessions, to be used when you choose.

I can also guide you through the full curriculum of Daring Greatly™, Rising Strong™, or Dare to Lead™, depending on your circumstances and desire. Each curriculum includes a beautiful workbook, and is 16 hours of content (so will normally require 8 x 2 hour sessions) for either DG, RS or DTL.

If you’re ready to co-create something potent together, click the button below to set up a time to begin.


Here’s the impact from our coaching - the sessions really have been life-changing - they’ve enabled me to feel much more confident about who I am and what I believe to be important. I DO have the skills and expertise I need to achieve what I want!
— LG, coaching client.
A week after your interview skills course I went for a job and got it!! THANK YOU. And yes, I did the ‘sassy sister’ and ‘crossing the finish line punch’ in the loos beforehand and it obviously worked
— BS, workshop participant.
Jacqui helped me prepare for an interview and the one thing that really helped me forget how scared I was, was waving my hands about like an Olympic competitor. Not only did this remind me that I’m a winner but it also helped get my blood pumping to give me the energy I needed for the interview as well as making me literally laugh out loud which relieved some of the tension too. It made me focus on me and not how scary I thought the interview would be or would I be any good at it if successful. I got the job and will be bringing the positivity Jacqui helped me focus on and am looking forward to the new challenge. I can do it! :-)
— EGJ, workshop participant.
You helped me get two jobs! The stuff you were telling us about believing in ourselves and being proud of our achievements was very positive and I felt empowered and confident. Having you tell me it’s ok to feel good about things I’ve done is really liberating - this was a revelation! It focussed my mind to prepare and helped me with encouragement to go to interview and say - I’ve done this, I was good at it, it worked well and I am pleased! :-) I thought it was great!
— NP, workshop participant.
Coaching with Jacqui has is a beautiful combination of affection, tenderness and warmth. She is willing to challenge when needed. However, there is never any doubt in her unshakeable confidence in you. This has helped me to make such strides along my life’s path, I will be eternally grateful.
— Craig G Howe, co-active coach.
Your coaching is a testament of the power of a big heart. My valuable self exploration could not have been possible without the open, loving space you created. Your observations were astute and your curiosity led me to defining realisations.
— CP, coaching client.
Thank you for your guidance today. I felt so physically energised afterwards that I went for a dog walk (that I was not looking forward to) and I also have a feeling of mentally moving forwards.
— Lee, coaching client.
It’s great to have someone in your corner and as the weeks go by and we work together, I realise what a great choice I made.
— Derek, co-active coach
I really enjoyed the session and has definitely has lit the fire – especially in the work I do!
— Ali, coaching client.
Following our coaching yesterday I have woken with an energy that has not been with me for a long time. Amazing feeling of clarity. Thank you.
— J, coaching client.
Jacqui, you are a great coach. What you did with us that day was inspiring! I liked how it felt as though you were really responding to ME. The greatest value for me was in the insight triggered by the coaching. Thank you.
— Jan, coaching client.
My coaching sessions really have been life-changing - they’ve enabled me to feel much more confident about who I am and what I believe to be important. I DO have the skills and expertise I need to achieve what I want!”
— Liz, coaching client.
Our coaching helped me make the big step up into the leadership position I’d been wanting for a while - partly by developing leadership presence, and partly because I actually put myself forward in a way I might not have done in the past. You prompted the conversation about my leadership before I was even in the role, and that was the moment that I really stepped up, putting myself forward again for the role, and getting it this time!

There were two helpful things that stuck with me.

The first was my realisation I was capable of greater leadership ‘range’.

The second was in learning to mentally ‘step outside’ situations as they were happening, that emotional intelligence piece - so important for me personally and in my leadership.
— Paul Frost, Business Manger, Lloyd Honda
I’m really grateful to you. I found the day’s session very informative and useful, well organised and delivered in a very engaging manner – and our chat afterwards was particularly inspiring. I felt the most significant advice you gave me was to be lighter and less serious and see how that improves the response I get from others. Thank you so much for sending me the links on vulnerability, there’s so much to think about – and be brave about, within that idea. I like how she conveys an awareness of how that requires extreme personal strength which is not to be discredited as overemotionality. I will look into the other link after work. I ‘d just like to say thank you again, my superior was really pleased to receive evidence of me listening to her so soon after my appraisal! So thank you! Hope to see you again throughout this change process.
— Alana, group coaching client.
Jacqui created a beautiful, spaceous and hearfelt working environment. This allowed me to become more aware of many mechanisms of self-pity and self-defeat. I was also supported in exploring my dreams, in touching them with my fingers and feel all of their power and magnetic attraction.

All along my coaching journey I felt supported, championed and deeply appreciated by Jacqui: not only was it an exquisite feeling but it also nourished my self-esteem and commitment.
— Giulio Tamacoldi, The Brilliant Side Coaching
Thanks so much for today. You created a responsive relationship which felt authentic and genuine, and the use of movement and intuition, all with permission, really worked for me. It really had me think, and I really liked the ‘style’ with co-active coaching... moving to wherever it felt right.
— Deb, coaching client.
Our coaching gave me the courage to do what I needed to do.
— E, coaching client.
Working with Jacqui has been and is marvellous! Throughout our 5 sessions together she’s always managed to tailor the experience to my deeper needs (both expressed and unexpressed from me). With her vast knowledge and experience we managed to work through various topics and areas leaving me renewed of energy and filled with inspiration to continue my journey. And as a bonus if you ask about various team/work related topics/exercises/books on a specific topic you get great input, having this type of sounding board has been very valuable to me in my job as interim manager!
— N.A. Coaching/mentoring client.
Jacqui allowed me the space to think creatively about what was getting me ‘stuck’, asking powerful questions that led me to realize things about my motivations that I hadn’t fully expressed. Being able to articulate, and acknowledge, these was hugely powerful. Jacqui used humour, insight, awareness of language around shame, connection and vulnerability, and wonderful championing to help me gain new insight about my situation, my triggers and my behaviour that I have been thinking about for days afterward. Throughout the session she created a safe, non-judgmental space for me that was the perfect balance of depth and humour to ignite a fire! After the session she followed up with me directly to cement my homework and suggest further reading material that we had discussed in our call. A powerful coach and a powerful hour together.
— Megan Fraser, coaching client.
Thanks Jacqui for the wisdom and insights you brought to our session. I needed to talk through some ideas and I had much needed clarity when we finished our call.
— J.B., Mentoring (for facilitation) client.